Companies That Had Their IPO in 2017 and How They Perform at End of 2022

2017 was a big year for companies that decided to enter the public market. For those that made the leap, the move resulted in newfound opportunities and potential growth they could not achieve as private companies. But what has happened since? After a few years on the public markets, how have these 2017 IPOs performed, and is there any takeaway investors can use when considering investing in a newly-minted public company? In this post, we’ll cover some of the major companies that had their IPO in 2017 and how they perform at the end of 2022.

Roku (ROKU)

ROKU IPO was released on Sept 28, 2017. On this day, Roku made a big splash on Wall Street as the company’s highly anticipated 18 million share offering priced at $14 per share – topping out at the high end of expectations. Investors responded with enthusiasm, driving shares up 67% to close at an impressive $23.50 after opening just under 16 dollars in its first day as a public company.

Price of this share was $473 on July 23 2021. It was 3300% return in just 4 years of span. After that price of ROKU share started decreasing. On December 29 2022, price of the share is $40.56. It is around 300% return.

Netshoes [Cayman] Ltd (NETS)

Netshoes IPO was released on April 12 2017.Netshoes, established in Brazil with a focus on shoes, fashion and beauty products had an underwhelming Initial Public Offering (IPO) at $18 per share – below the expected range. Despite efforts to revive its fortunes led by Goldman Sachs months later it failed to gain traction.

By April 2019 Magazine Luiza agreed to buy Netshoes for only around $2 per share compared to IPO price of $18 showing how far it deteriorated during that time period. So as of the end of 2022, there is no value for the share of Netshoes.

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Snap Inc

Snap IPO was released on March 2, 2017. Snap, Inc.’s phenomenal IPO on Thursday was met with booming success as shares closed up 44 percent at $24.48 a share – vastly outperforming its initial pricing of $17 per share and marking the end of an extended lull in tech IPOs.

Trading volumes for SNAP soared to unprecedented heights, representing 10% of all activity volume on the New York Stock Exchange that day alone. This share price got a peak on Sep 2021 with a price of $83.11.

The price of Snap share is decreased in 2022. Currently, on 29 Dec 2022, the price of this share is around $8.81.

Redfin (RDFN)

Redfin‘s IPO was released on July 27, 2017. The initial price of the share was $15. After 13 long years as an up-and-coming startup, Redfin made a remarkable debut on the public market in 2017. In its initial trading session alone, company shares skyrocketed 45% and closed at over $21 per share – amassing more than $138 million in cumulative investment! The share price grew slightly to $31 till Feb 2020. This was the time when Covid-19 was started. The price of Redfin share decreased to $11.60 on 20 March 2020. But from after that time, the share grew around 800% to the price of $96.59 on Feb 19, 2021. If sold this share around this time then you got a very good return.

At the end of 2022, the price of Redfin shares is around $4 which is a loss for investors. The company has lost around 90% of its value at the peak level.

Alteryx (AYX)

Alteryx (AYX) share was listed on March 24, 2017. The initial share price of AYX was $14. On its debut day on the public market, Alteryx saw exceptional performance as shares soared 10.7 percent and closed at $15.50 apiece; peaking to a high of $17.50 per share during trading hours on Friday for the New York Stock Exchange’s newest addition AYX (Alteryx).

This share price was highest on July 10, 2020. It touched $178 which was around 1250% return. Current share price of AYX on December 29, 2022 is $49.20 which is around 350% return on investment. As per experts, this share will give more return in 2023.

Okta (OKTA)

Okta (OKTA) share was listed on April 7, 2017. The initial share price of OKTA was $17. Okta saw remarkable success on Friday, with its stock opening 38% higher than expectations and trading around $23.50 per share. Symbolized as OKTA on the Nasdaq, this San Francisco company raised an impressive $187 million from their extensive 11-million-share offering – surpassing even their highest expected range of 15 to 17 dollars a share. OKTA share crossed $291 July 12, 2021. It was 1700% return on investment.

Current price of OKTA on December 29, 2022 is around $68. Total return on investment at the end of 2022 is around 400%.


We see companies that had their IPO in 2017 and their performance in the ending of 2022. Few shares have amazing return while for many investors get huge loss. Smart investment is very crucial thing. Understand all the fundamentals, history of company before investing in 2023. Check more on Businessniddle.

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