Cutting-edge Ventura Features Transforming the Mac Experience

macOS 13 Ventura is here to give Mac users a transformative experience. The software update comprises incredible features and enhancements, guaranteeing more efficiency and productivity. However, as with all significant software updates, you may run into some issues. For instance, macOS Wi-Fi issues, Bluetooth problems, excessive battery drainage, loud fan noise, sluggish performance, etc. Fortunately, none of the problems are severe and can be solved quickly. 

Before starting the download and installation process, you need to check whether your Mac model is compatible with the Ventura update. Also, you must have at least 100GB of free storage space for this update and be connected to a stable Internet connection. 

  • Improved security for the Photos app 

In the Photos application, there are two places where you may want to avoid wandering eyes: the Recently Deleted and Hidden albums. The issue is that both are freely available to snoopers and those with access to your Mac. So this defeats the purpose of using these albums to keep your sensitive images. 

Ventura solves this problem, and this will no longer be an issue if you upgrade your system. After the update, you can lock the albums by default and prevent snoopers from seeing your hidden pictures. 

You can lock them using your Mac’s login password and seal them using Touch ID. This will provide your albums with an additional layer of security. Your sensitive images will remain out of sight. 

  • Continuity Camera 

The Continuity Camera is an excellent feature added to Ventura, especially for those who use both Mac and iPhone. Thanks to this feature, you can utilize your iPhone’s rear camera as your Mac’s webcam. 

Your Mac will automatically recognize the device and utilize its camera whenever an iPhone is nearby. The feature works via wireless and wired connections. 

Furthermore, this feature brings Portrait Mode, Center Stage, Studio Light, and other functions to Mac computers. 

  • Exciting additions to background sounds 

You’ll love this new addition if you need white noise in the background to maintain focus. With macOS Ventura, you can go to System Settings > Accessibility > Audio and play different background sounds. These sounds include balanced noise, dark noise, bright noise, rain, ocean, and stream. So you don’t need to download music to concentrate or go to YouTube/Apple Music. 

These background sounds will continue to play even if you play other media. Apple has added a Hearing menu bar icon and a Hearing module for the Control Center. You can turn off Background Sounds without going to the System Settings app. 

  • Stage Manager 

Thanks to Stage Manager, you can organize all the windows and applications you are currently using. You can prioritize the tasks at hand so you don’t lose focus. 

By enabling the Stage Manager from the Control Center, you can display the app or window you are working on in the center of your screen. The other windows can be sent to the left or right so you can seamlessly switch between apps or tasks. 

You can even create groups of apps or windows when working on particular projects or tasks. Furthermore, this feature works with macOS windowing tools like Spaces and Mission Control. 

  • Undo and schedule emails in the Mail app 

Massive improvements to Mail are an added bonus when you upgrade to Ventura. One of the updates includes scheduling emails, so you never forget about important messages. Also, you can cancel the delivery of messages after you’ve hit the send button. Finally, for better content previews, you can add rich links. 

Furthermore, Mail can detect missing items like cc’d recipients or an attachment and remind the sender about them. You can set reminders to come back to important messages and even get automatic suggestions to follow up on emails waiting for your response. 

  • Spotlight enhancements 

With Ventura, you can use Spotlight to find pictures in the photo library, across the system in apps like Notes and Messages, and on the web. You can even search for photos of people, locations, objects, and scenes. 

Using the Live Text feature, you can search for text inside the pictures. 

Moreover, Spotlight includes rich results for categories for actors, sports, movies, etc. 

  • Passkeys 

No need to remember complicated passwords anymore because Ventura brings forth the era of Passkeys. It would be best to create a passkey, a digital key used instead of a password. You can use Face or Touch IDs for biometric verifications to sign into your accounts. 

Passkeys are synced with end-to-end encryption using the power of the iCloud Keychain. Therefore, they are available across Apple devices. They even work across the web and apps. You can use passkeys to sign into apps or websites. 

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Final Thoughts

Have you upgraded your system to Ventura yet? No? Then, hit install immediately to benefit from the fantastic features mentioned above. 

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