Exploring the Different Types of Vape Devices: A Guide for Beginners

A study found that the number of people vaping increased from 11.7 million in 2017 to 14.4 million in 2019. That number is expected to rise with more access to technology and information about vaping devices. Most of these are beginners or those who have only explored one kind of vaping device. But a wide range of options is available, from small and simple devices to more advanced models that offer customizable settings and temperature control.

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways to consume nicotine and other substances, but it can be daunting for beginners to understand which device is best for them. This guide will take you through the different types of vape devices, explain their pros and cons, and help you decide which is right. Read on to learn more about the different types of vape devices available and how they can help you get started in the vaping world. You can also buy high-quality vape devices at https://vapingvibe.com/best-cbd-vape-pens/.

Different Types of Vape Devices


The most traditional kind of electronic cigarette is called a “cigalike,” as most of the first products on the market were devices that looked like cigarettes (which is where the name originates). Vaping was developed to help smokers stop and to offer a smoking-like sensation that is better for the body than tobacco cigarettes.

  • This is so that people can avoid using tobacco, which is known to cause cancer, heart disease, strokes, lung diseases, diabetes, and a host of other health problems, and instead use an e-cigarette that uses a safe liquid for human consumption.

Compared to the side effects of e-liquids, the list is significantly shorter and not nearly as dangerous, making vaping an intelligent decision for people trying to stop a harmful habit. A cigalike looks like a cigarette, is easy to use and maintain and comes preloaded with e-liquid. However, the battery and vapor production are limited compared to other vape devices.

How Does a Cigalike Work?

The cigalike is a two-piece device that consists of a cartridge and an atomizer. The cartridge holds the e-liquid, which is then heated by the atomizer to produce vapor. When you inhale on the device, it activates a switch inside the battery that heats up an element in the atomizer, which vaporizes the e-liquid. You inhale the vapor and exhale it as you would with a traditional cigarette.

  • Cigalikes are simple to use, require little maintenance, and come in disposable or rechargeable formats. They also offer a similar throat hit to a traditional cigarette, making them ideal for those who want an experience similar to smoking. 

However, cigalike are limited in terms of battery life and vapor production. If you’re looking for a more powerful device, a few other types of vape devices might be better suited to your needs.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are the larger and more powerful version of cigalikes, with a larger battery capacity and more options for temperature control and airflow. Vape pens also come in disposable and rechargeable formats, so you can enjoy them on the go or save money by buying one that needs to be recharged after each use.

Vape pens offer more vapor production than cigalikes and tend to have better flavor, as they use larger coils that can heat e-liquid more effectively. Additionally, many vape pens allow you to adjust the wattage or temperature of your device for an even more customized experience.

How Does a Vape Pen Work?

Vape pens comprise a few different components, including the battery, atomizer, tank, and mouthpiece. The tank holds the e-liquid and is connected to the atomizer (the metal coil responsible for heating it up).

When you press the firing button on the pen, the battery sends power to the atomizer, which heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid. You then inhale through the mouthpiece, and voila. Vape pens have become immensely popular in recent years as they offer a great balance of performance and portability.

Vape Pods

Vape pods are the newest type of vape device on the market and are designed to offer a more discreet vaping experience. Pods typically come in refillable or disposable formats and use cartridges filled with e-liquid that can be quickly swapped out when needed.

Most pods also have a draw-activated firing mechanism, which eliminates the need to press any buttons and makes them even more discreet. Vape pods are smaller than both cigalikes and vape pens, making them ideal for those who want a device that can easily fit in their pocket or purse.

How Do Vape Pods Work?

Many pod systems come with adjustable airflow settings, allowing you to customize your vaping experience even further. They also produce more flavor and vapor than cigalikes, making them a great option for those looking for a more powerful device.

When you take a drag from a vape pod, the battery sends power to the atomizer, which heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid. The vapor is then drawn through the mouthpiece and into your lungs. Vape pods are becoming increasingly popular as they offer an excellent balance of convenience and performance.

Vape Mods

Vape mods are the biggest and most powerful type of vape device. They consist of a large battery compartment and an interchangeable atomizer usually made up of different coils and wicks. Mods also come in either mechanical or regulated varieties, with some offering adjustable wattage or temperature settings for even more control over your vaping experience.

Mods typically offer the highest vapor production and flavor compared to other types of vape devices, making them ideal for those who want a more intense vaping experience. However, they also require more maintenance and can be bulky in size.

How Do Vape Mods Work?

Vape mods send power from the battery to the atomizer, which heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid. The vapor is then inhaled through the mouthpiece and into your lungs.

Vape mods tend to require more maintenance than other vape devices, as they need to be cleaned regularly to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, they usually come with adjustable settings such as wattage or temperature, allowing users to customize their vaping experience even further.

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In Conclusion

Vape devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each offering its own unique advantages. Cigalikes are the most basic type of vape and are great for beginner vapers looking for an easy-to-use device. Vape pens are slightly more advanced and offer an outstanding balance of portability and performance. Vape pods are the most discreet type of vape device, while mods are the biggest and most powerful.

No matter what type of device you choose, it’s important to research before making any purchases. Make sure to read reviews and compare prices to find the device that best suits your needs.

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