Guide On How To Find Month-To-Month Housing In New York

Short-term rentals are furnished, independent flats that are rented for a limited time, typically monthly rather than year, as is the case with standard rental agreements. Hotels are sometimes substituted with short-term rentals.

In New York, stays lasting 30 days or less to fewer than 12 months are typically categorized as short-term rentals. It is against the law for landlords to rent out their flats and structures to tenants who intend to stay for less than a year. So, how do we solve this problem? When visiting New York for only a few weeks or months, how can you find somewhere to stay?

There are several options that have emerged. If your journey continues for more than a week, you can choose an extended stay hotel instead of a hotel, depending on how long it will be. You can couch-surf if you have relatives or acquaintances in New York. If you prefer something that feels more like home, you can also rent an Airbnb. If you want to stay for a few months, you might want to consider co-living – some people prefer coliving among other living options in New York, because it brings a sense of community, warmth, and belonging.

Regardless of what brought you to New York, you can be guaranteed that you will be able to live here and have a good time while you’re here. Pay close attention as we make a list of places where you can get month-to-month housing for your stay in the city.

What Month-to-Month Housing Options are Available in NYC?


Hotels are wonderful. They provide you with a place to sleep, food, housekeeping, sometimes free internet access, and a feeling of protection and security. You can stay in any of the hotels in the city, depending on your location and budget, and relish being taken care of.

When you are merely passing through a place or plan to stay there for a few days or slightly longer than a week, hotels are the best option. On a weeknight, a hotel in New York costs, on average, $259 per night.

Let’s say you spend ten nights in a hotel that costs $259 each night, at the end of the day, the cost of lodging alone will be $2590. If you’re running on a tight budget, you should opt for an option that won’t bankrupt you before your trip is over. What could those options be? Let’s see…

Religious Housing

Religious housing is a more affordable alternative to a hotel for travelers on a low budget and those looking for a special place to stay with some heritage and history. These quarters are typically clean, quiet, and less expensive than other options, even though they aren’t necessarily luxurious (after all, many religious folks take a vow of destitution).

Read the fine print before booking a reservation because some monasteries only accept male or female visitors, depending on the order or restrictions. They might have set quiet hours or require you to join their religious service if you choose to stay with them.


Hostels are a simple and affordable way to meet people from different backgrounds. Due to hotel owners’ use of an old regulation to force hostel operators to close their establishments, there aren’t many hostels left in New York. So, the likelihood that a hostel will be fully booked when you do find one has increased.

Hostels do exist, though, and they are less expensive than hotels. As a result, whether you’re a student, traveler, or digital nomad, you could locate a hostel that meets your requirements. Private rooms in certain dorms start at $120, while dorm prices range from $35 to $100.

Couch Surfing

Although it isn’t a rental option per se, this is a choice if you’re visiting the city, planning to stay for fewer than 30 days. Saving money and staying with your favorite relative, sibling, or friend from high school who you haven’t seen since graduation makes financial sense for you. Although it is less expensive, remember courtesy demands that you should still pay something toward the expense of maintaining the home.


It can be difficult to find an apartment in New York for a short-term rental, but it is possible. Despite all the challenges, there are landlords who are still prepared to offer their units for short-term leases.

But because there are so many fraudsters on the Internet, you should be cautious. The fear approach that con artists employ to hurry you into paying a deposit before seeing each other is one way to spot them.


Coliving is a type of residential communal living in which three or more individuals who are not related biologically live together. It provides its residents with a sense of community, belonging, safety, and family.

Nowadays, coliving is very popular since it enables people to create communities and live with others who share their values. It can help you in developing your social and professional networks in a new city.

There are numerous coliving businesses that provide a wide range of coliving choices. Since many of these businesses take care of the onboarding process and payments are sent to them directly, there is less likelihood of roommate disagreements and awkward interactions when the rent is due.

Some companies even handle their customers’ weekly shopping, allowing them to focus on their jobs without worry.

Extended Stay Hotels

These hotels are created with all the essential amenities and conveniences, and because they are less expensive than renting a house, they make a perfect alternative for tourists and individuals who are only visiting the city temporarily.

This is because extended stay hotels offer discounts on your stay, resulting in lower overall costs than you would have paid for a typical hotel room at a rate per night. Extended stay hotels are fantastic because you can stay as long as you’d want, you receive all the amenities, without having to stress about grocery shopping and utilities.

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Know What You Want Early

For tourists to New York, there are numerous short-term rental alternatives scattered throughout the entire city. No matter if you’re visiting New York for business or for fun, you may take advantage of the numerous possibilities the city offers.

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