Little things you need to know about Custom go karts?

The types of vehicles can be said to be various, including racing cars, sports cars, sedans, buses, karts, etc. We are familiar with the aforementioned models.Today we will talk about what is a custom go kartsing? What are the basic characteristics of a custom go karts?

custom go karts is also a miniature sports car, which is a relatively simple vehicle, mainly composed of a frame, a two-stroke engine, and four independent tires. Very easy to drive and also very exciting, popular with many people.Because karts are a type of racing car, the power of karts is currently a small gasoline engine or an electric motor. Others that use diesel engines or other types of power devices are not karts.

Custom go karts structure

The structure of the custom go karts is very simple, consisting of a steel tube frame, steering system pedals, fuel tank, transmission chain guard, driver seat and crash bumper. It is easy to operate, drivers wear protective helmets and gloves, only need to remember the left foot brake, the right foot gas pedal, the steering wheel is 1:1 steering, then they can gallop on the field. The chassis of the kart is very low, only 4 cm above the ground, and the track is smooth and flat, which makes the riders feel the speed of the wind and the roaring roar. Once it slides off the runway, it will automatically turn off the engine and stop moving forward without overturning, which ensures the safety of the driver.

custom go karts Tire Sizes

For general competition karts, the maximum diameter of the front wheel is 350mm, the maximum width is 250mm, the maximum diameter of the rear wheel is 300mm, and the maximum width is 185mm. If the size of the pneumatic tire is inconsistent with the regulations, it cannot be called a Karting.

Basic Features of a custom go karts

The unit seat is the basic feature of a karting. There is only one seat for one person, that is, only one seat. Vehicles with two other seats or two rows cannot be called a karting.

The Benefits of Driving a custom go karts

Driving a custom go-kart can exercise agility and coordinate the brain, eyes, hands and feet and other parts of the body well. It is the best choice for exercising bravery and is a healthy sports and entertainment activity. As the most economical type of motorsports, it has all the basic contents of motorsports, plus simple structure, flexible operation, low cost, and good safety, making it a motorsports suitable for mass consumption. On weekends, some young people rush to the arena one after another to enjoy their addiction on the undulating racing track, becoming an urban fashion.

Safety Tips: Safety Rules You Must Follow When Driving a custom go karts

Drivers must wear a helmet and fasten the helmet belt; long hair must be pressed in the helmet; note that the left pedal is the brake and the right pedal is the accelerator; the left foot should not be pressed on the pedal all the time, so as not to wear the brake pads

Do not refuel with your right foot too hard; if you are not sure, do not force overtaking; obey the instructions of the venue staff; do not drive in the opposite direction; when the engine is off on the track, raise your hand and ask the staff for assistance.

The above is the introduction to the custom go karts, I hope to bring help to friends.

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