The Best Way to Shop for Replacement Auto Parts Online

If you ever needed a car repair, you’ve probably been shocked by the cost of replacement parts. 

The problem is that many auto part stores and car dealerships add insane markups to auto parts. For instance, a piece of trim that might cost only $5 could easily carry a 500% premium at a car dealership. Many of these markups happen simply because the customer doesn’t know any better. 

If only they knew better! This informative guide will teach you the tips and tricks you need to save money on replacement auto parts. Follow this guide and you’ll learn insider secrets that will save you money on your next car repair. 

Tips for Shopping for Replacement Auto Parts Online

One of the easiest ways that you can save on replacement auto parts is by shopping online with a coupon code. The trick to finding the best deals is to use a legitimate savings website that hand-verifies all its coupons to ensure you’re always getting the best savings. 

Shop with coupons 

Advance Auto offers a variety of affordably-priced replacement parts. Use this Advance Auto Parts coupon and you could save up to 20% on replacement parts from Advance Auto. 

Do you research 

Before you get any car repair done, you should always check the price of the parts on eBay. It may seem odd, but eBay is actually a gold mine for auto replacement parts. 

Once you know the part you need, use eBay to check what the market price is in your area. Pay special attention to the estimated delivery time for the parts you need. If the part is overseas or too far away, it could take months for it to arrive at your home. If you need some help on how to buy used on eBay, check out these tips

Verify the serial number

Before you make any purchases, you need to call your dealership and confirm the specific serial number you need. If you don’t confirm the part number, you risk wasting your time and money. 

Some parts are unique and can only be used with certain engine and transmission combinations. By double-checking the serial numbers, you ensure that you’re getting a compatible computer, module or sensor. 

Ask for a lower price 

Did you know that most junkyards will match any lower price that comes from a retailer in the same region? There are two important issues, however.

Don’t expect a junkyard to match the price on similar, but different items. For instance, don’t expect them to match a 10-year-old engine with one that’s only 2 years old. 

Lastly, if you try to haggle on the price, always be polite and honest. They have the same information you do so if you try to judge them in any way, it won’t work in your favor. 

Buy rare parts in person 

Spare parts for classic cars, hybrid vehicles or other high-end vehicles should always be purchased in person. Since they can be difficult to purchase online, dealerships often drive these prices up. 

Be sure to always check your nearby junkyard in hopes that they have the parts you need in inventory. So if you’re trying to track down unique or hard-to-find parts, your best bet is to try and find them in person. 

Enlist the help of others

If you’re having trouble tracking down a rare or unique part, check online forums. There are plenty of places online where other car enthusiasts hang out. By asking for help tracking down a spare part, and perhaps offering a small, financial reward, you might just find what you need with the help of another person from across the county. 

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