When and How to Take CBD Oil?

There are so many different CBD brands on the market such as CBDistillery. These brands offer different selections of CBD products such as gummies. But when and how do you use these CBD products? do you consume CBD with or without food? In this article, we will cover these questions and more concerns relating to consuming CBD.  

When to Take CBD?

So, when can you optimally take CBD? First, avoid taking CBD on empty stomach. This means that when it comes to CBD with or without food, always choose CBD with food. Taking CBD oil after meals increases bioavailability. When you eat and consume CBD oil, the CBD oil that is swallowed will be efficiently absorbed by the liver resulting in great effects.

If you decide to take CBD on an empty stomach, you may likely waste the product. This is because food helps to optimize CBD; therefore taking CBD without food degrades the potency of the oil. Another disadvantage to taking CBD oil without food is that you may need to consume high amounts of CBD to feel its effects. Therefore, knowing the best time to take CBD oil can provide the highest benefits.

Do You Swallow CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an ingestible product which means you can swallow it directly or even infuse it with your favorite food or a beverage. A great way to swallow CBD oil is by placing it under the tongue, also known as sublingual dosing. This method is highly effective and leads to high bioavailability. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t take CBD on an empty stomach when dosing sublingually. Gain the best of your CBD by eating foods rich in fatty acids, then sublingual dosing before you swallow.

Can You Drink Water After Taking CBD Oil?

Whether you should drink water or not after taking CBD oil is a popular question among cannabis enthusiasts. Generally, you can safely take a CBD tincture with water. However, there are several things to keep in mind. If you use CBD topically, then you can easily consume water afterward without worrying about absorption in the digestive system.

If you use CBD sublingually, then it’s best to let the tincture settle in the mouth for longer periods to enable maximum absorption. Regardless, there is no consistent pattern in taking water before, and after taking CBD. Therefore, drinking water immediately after or while taking CBD can diminish the effectiveness of the product.

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Bottom Line

The best time to take CBD oil may vary from one individual to another. Since the benefits of CBD are vast, what works for you may not work for another person. Therefore, when buying from a CBDshop always ask for guides on when and how to take it for maximum effects. As a rule of thumb, research shows that most users enjoy taking CBD first thing in the morning to kickstart their day. However, you may need to experiment with CBD oil to discover how it best works on you.

Michael Levin is a CBD enthusiast, a researcher, writer and editor in the cannabis space, experienced CBD user and educator. He believes CBD can help improve our overall health and wellbeing.

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