4 Common Internet Issues and How to Fix Them

It is no big secret that the internet is one of the most powerful technologies available to individuals. Unfortunately, this does not imply that it always works correctly. And, whether you like it or not, there are days when it doesn’t function!

One of the largest Australian open-access data networks is the National Broadband Network or NBN. It oversees the nation’s wired and wireless communication. It is now one of Australia’s most extensive high-speed internet connection providers for residences and businesses. But with advanced technology, internet and connectivity issues still arise. Here are some of the most frequent internet connectivity difficulties with its solutions. 

Watch out for these internet issues.

Symptoms of an internet problem might range from a complete loss of connectivity to an intermittent signal problem. Here are indications to look out for:

  • Complete internet failure
  • Signal strength is low.
  • Dropped data packets cause the video to freeze or fail to download.
  • Connections that come and go
  • Interference
  • Internet speed fluctuations
There’s no, or you have an excessively slow internet connection.

A frequent problem with NBN or any other internet service provider is slow or nonexistent internet connectivity. The first line of defense is frequently to send an email or phone customer support to ask about the present problem. However, you may do a few tests to determine the potential reason for the connectivity issue.

Some internet connection troubles are caused by equipment malfunctions. There might be a software glitch or other difficulties that can be resolved with a simple reset.

To reset your router and modem, you need to unplug them for around 30 seconds. After  30 seconds:

  1. Restart your modem and wait for all regular lights to illuminate.
  2. Continue your router.
  3. Allow them about 5 minutes to cycle back up and see if that restores service.

Examine your wires, the actual computer or modem, and the power supply. You can have connectivity issues due to a faulty network, a loose connection, or a tripped wire. A call to the NBN customer hotline is necessary if all three are functional and in good shape.

A Poor WiFi Signal

Your computer and modem should be restarted first to see if that resolves the problem. Examine your router to look for any physical issues. Look for any loose wires, screws, or antennae. The devices’ components should all be positioned correctly in their ports, firmly linked, and free from damage. Check your system tray by using the Ethernet connection between your router and PC.

Suppose you have a local network connection but no internet connection. In that case, your router may be functioning OK, but a component of your modem is malfunctioning. In such cases, a qualified technician could be required to resolve the problem.

You may experience lag due to the number of devices connected to your network. Your modems can only effectively serve a certain number of devices at once. Check the different NBN plans, and speed tiers, and learn how many devices the plan supports to avoid this.

Wireless and Cable Interference

Phone, Ethernet, and coaxial cables link wired devices. Check any twisted, pinched, or damaged cables that may be causing your internet connection to go down. A simple cable repair can quickly solve the problem if these regions are affected. Due to signal interference and damping, wireless internet devices may suffer sluggish or no internet connectivity.

To improve signal strength and coverage, relocate your router to a higher and more central point in your home. This will also allow your gadgets to connect to the internet more quickly. Try to keep your router as far away from other devices that might cause signal interference as feasible.

NBN Downtime

NBN outages can occur, and the problem might not be within your power. Due to your hectic schedule, you could have missed a maintenance alert. Or you might have neglected to make a payment for your internet service, which would have caused a disconnection. It’s also conceivable that the present network of your service provider is genuinely down. Simply get in touch with NBN and let them know about your current internet problem and the actions you’ve already taken to fix it.

Nowadays, having a reliable internet connection is practically a given for any home. Accordingly, NBN is fully dedicated to offering its services to everyone who needs faster internet. Because they are a necessary component of using technology, technical challenges cannot be avoided. Users frequently complain about poor coverage, network interference, sluggish to no internet connection, and unforeseen outages.

Contacting your internet service provider and asking for help is the best action for these issues. However, you may always use do-it-yourself (DIY) fixes and solve the problems independently. You may read more and compare NBN plans here anytime or visit Compare Broadband for more assistance!

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