Best Oculus Quest 2 games 2022:

While the headset is currently formally called the Meta Quest 2, nothing else has changed so you can in any case hope to partake in the Quest’s extraordinary library of games. However, only one out of every odd game is made equivalent, so to assist you with finding the hidden treasures among the rubbish we’ve gathered a rundown of our top picks and posted it down underneath.

Beat Saber

On the off chance that you’re keen on VR gaming, you’ve very likely known about Beat Saber, and trust us you ought to trust the promotion. For the unenlightened, it’s Guitar Hero meets Star Wars: while a tune plays blocks fly towards you and you cut them involving the two lightsabers in your grasp – while likewise evading obstructions.

At lower troubles, it’s an extraordinary method for acquainting new players with VR while more experienced gamers will savor the test presented by levels on ‘Hard’ or ‘Master’ mode. Stay with it, and you’ll ultimately enter a ‘stream state’ where your arms work freely of thought. Unexpectedly you’re cutting through blocks like Luke Skywalker on the off chance that he’d drummed for Pendulum as opposed to turning into a Jedi. Additionally (solely on the Quest adaptation of the game) there’s 360-mode where blocks can fly at you from all headings – however this is just accessible for certain melodies.

Half-Life Alyx

Alyx is by and large viewed as one of the most mind-blowing VR games out there and seeing why is simple. Assuming you’ve played the first Half-Life games, you know exactly the amount it depends on point by point physical science in the ongoing interaction and this is wrenched up as far as possible in Alyx on account of the remarkable VR innovation it utilizes. This game is certainly worth investigating the best PC for VR gaming, to make sure you can capitalize on the world.

I Expect You to Die 2

I Expect You To Die 2 is the ideal James Bond test system, placing you into the shoes of a bonafide worldwide superspy determined to bring down a criminal association regardless of what tangled traps hinder you.

During this getaway room-esque experience, you’ll need to outfox lowlifes as you redirect stowed away lasers introduced in a personal luxury plane, try not to set off harmful gas in a mystery base and fix a lift so you can arrive at the lawbreaker engineer before their arrangement meets up. Some of the time you’ll be left inclination somewhat more like Austin powers than 007, yet regardless of whether you bomb north of twelve times this laugh uncontrollably VR title will not at any point leave you feeling irritated.

Excursion of the Gods

This is one of the most mind-blowing Oculus Quest 2 games to provide you with the sensation of playing Legend of Zelda in VR. Parading an alluring cell-concealed craftsmanship style that rejuvenates its monster and bizarre supervisors, Gods utilizes cunning utilization of scale as you navigate its huge yet straight levels. While the vast majority of the activity experience game is seen in first-individual, a ‘Divine being mode’ allows you to control the climate from an essential hierarchical viewpoint to tackle riddles and gain the high ground in battle

Jurassic Park Aftermath

Numerous VR encounters are energizing, yet something stands out about getting to drench yourself in a world and an establishment that you’ve cherished for years (many years even). That is the reason we strongly suggest Jurassic Park Aftermath, a story that follows the occasions of Jurassic World. As you’d expect, this is an endurance experience that expects you to uncover delicate data while keeping away from dangerous Velociraptors. You really want to tackle puzzles, track down your strategy for getting around and do a great deal of stowing away to get out alive.

Little Cities

Little Cities is a city sim worked starting from the earliest stage for VR and is the best illustration of the class on the Quest 2. It has a natural control plot that is however adorable as it seems to be straightforward, and it mixes impeccably with the toy-like feel of the world you’re building.

As you progress you’ll open new islands to fabricate urban communities on, each with its own one of a kind mechanics – including one that had a fountain of liquid magma that torched our designs over and over (we ought to have constructed more fire stations). You want to make the most ideal city in every area, dealing with your resident’s joy while likewise attempting to guarantee your city has the assets it needs.

Solitary Echo and Lone Echo 2

Solitary Echo and its spin-of Lone Echo 2 are Oculus Rift games that are explicitly intended to be played through your PC by means of the Oculus Rift headset. Yet, by utilizing the link or Air Link, you can play these wonderful space travelers on your Quest 

These are in no way, shape or form the main VR game to place you in space – various spaceship contender sims have proactively endeavored it – however the experience 


Greenery has been an enormous hit, first on PSVR, then, at that point, on Oculus Quest – to such an extent that the spin-off, Moss: Book 2, has been declared for Oculus Quest 2. Created by previous Bungie designers, this charming third-individual experience isn’t to be missed, as it carries the force of computer generated reality to a fantasy world.

Gun Whip

Gun Whip resembles Beat Saber yet with firearms rather than lightsabers. As you go through a scope of various conditions you’ll at last get the opportunity to turn into your own move celebrity as you avoid disasters and make out foes, procuring extra focuses on the off chance that you can shoot them so as to the support track.

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