Creative Essay Writing Ideas for College Students

Essay writing is an essential skill for students, as it shows a student’s ability to think critically and express their point of view to others through writing.

For a student to write an essay, especially college students, they need creative essay writing ideas to write essays that stand out. Most students are ignorant of these various creative ideas, this list will go a long way to assist you in your essay writing help.

Informative Essay Ideas

The main purpose of writing an informative essay is to give the reader or audience accurate information about a particular topic. The following informative topics can give students creative writing ideas

  1. Why are ab benches so beneficial to gymers?
  2. 20 best cybersecurity universities in the world
  3. How to boost your academic grades?
  4. How to discover your talent and start a successful career?
  5. A step-by-step guide to writing a pro resume
  6. Pros and Cons of donating blood
  7. The most popular video games for students
  8. Why are most teenagers rebellious?

Informative essays are written to give answers to questions like who, where, when, what, and why. A mistake common amongst students is to try convincing their readers to carry out a certain action through an informative essay. This type of essay writing is meant to inform the audience.

Narrative Essay Ideas

As a student, you must be familiar with the narrative aspect of essay writing; a narrative essay is the type of writing that tells a story. A narrative essay allows students to express their experiences in a creative writing piece. Here are a few ideas;

  1. Your best or worst vacation experience
  2. Your idea of the perfect occupation
  3. The best Christmas present you have ever received
  4. Your favorite meal
  5. Describe the periodic changes in technology in the last 30 years

Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

Writing an exceptionally creative compare-and-contrast essay requires students’ analytical skills because this type of essay writing compares two similar or different things, subjects, or situations, describing their various similarities or differences. You can find some compare-and-contrast topic suggestions below;

  1. Classroom learning vs E-learning
  2. Childhood friendship vs High school friendship: Which friendship is true?
  3. Is remote working a good alternative to being a full-time employee?
  4. Video conference vs In-person meeting
  5. Sci-fi movies vs Romance movies: Which is better to watch?
  6. Indigenous sports vs Modern sports

The major aim of writing a compare and contrast essay is to shed more light on the subtle differences or similarities between two things. If you select one of the above topics, attracting the attention of your readers is a sure banker. This is an open slot for college students to secure excellent academic grades.

Persuasive Essay Ideas

A persuasive essay gives students the room to use logical arguments to persuade or convince their audience to believe in their point of view. To persuade your readers, you need to provide valid information for arguments, such as quotes from legit sources, research, facts stating, and logical reasons.

  1. Should the usage of phones be allowed in high schools?
  2. Are private schools better than government schools
  3. Should extracurricular activities be allowed in colleges?
  4. Should religion be studied in schools?
  5. Is it time for Africans to embrace the western culture
  6. Should students get paid for getting outstanding academic grades

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Argumentative Essay Ideas

Argumentative essay writing is a type of essay writing that gives students the room to research extensively on a particular topic and build logical support for an argument. This type of essay requires the use of facts and evidence to back up your claim. The 3 major components of a good argumentative essay are a strong argument, a thesis, and a broad scope of research. Below are a few creative argumentative essay ideas;

  1. Has communication made life easier?
  2. Should smartphones be banned from airplanes?
  3. Is fasting healthy for diabetic patients?
  4. Do college students undervalue sleep?
  5. Should tackle football be banned for kids under 18 years old?
  6. Should colleges be forced to pay their student-athletes?

Writing an argumentative essay can help students develop their abilities to think critically, it also improves their grammar and writing styles.

Some colleges require students to write on personal-based application essay topics and here are a few of them:

  1. Describe an individual you look up to
  2. What is a book you could read without getting tired of it?
  3. Describe an extracurricular activity that means a lot to you
  4. Why do you want to attend this college?
  5. Describe an experience or event that instigated a new comprehension of yourself
  6. Share the best piece of advice you received while selecting the college to attend

These lists have made selecting an interesting and engaging essay writing topic easier for college students.

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