Every business is looking for the Holy Grail to increase productivity in the office. Even businesses with great employee output can still benefit from these tips and improve results.


This is the biggest factor towards improving productivity. If you want your employees to reach their full potential, you need to clearly convey your expectations, along with their goals and targets. It has been well noted that employers who invest time into communicating with their employees will quickly build trust; and this is directly linked to an increase in worker output and morale. Low levels of interactions from employers almost always leads to unmotivated staff as they will develop doubts in your abilities and fundamentally the organisation overall.

Remember that communication goes both ways: companies rarely survive long if they refuse to listen or encourage a dialogue. Make sure your messages are reaching all employees and everyone is involved. It’s fine if you cannot deliver face-to face communication, just make sure the method you choose is delivered in the best possible way. You’ll notice very quickly an increase in staff output once you devote extra time to building strong communication within your business.

Create a Comfortable Working Environment

Creating a pleasant working environment is crucial to enhancing employee productivity. Employees should be at ease while working, whether they are standing at a desk or sitting in a desk chair. If your employees are having problems concentrating at work, browse, the top largest seller of office chairs and other essential office furniture. Make sure you get a comfortable ergonomic computer chair for your staff that needs to sit in front of a computer. Investing into good ergonomic equipment is worth the investment as it will help improve productivity. Make sure the office is spacious and your employees are comfortable when working. If possible, you should ask your employees what office furniture they need. Some people may prefer standing when working in which a standing desk will be more comfortable for them.

Find Out What Motivate Your Workers

This is another big one: let’s be honest, happy people work harder. Take a bit of time to find out what motivates your worker and you’ll notice a big difference in their performance. Do they need to feel appreciated or are they looking to achieve a big bonus this month? There are two main types of worker motivation:

  • Intrinsic; this involves aspects like self-satisfaction and role happiness
  • Extrinsic; this includes salary, bonuses and physical rewards

 Once you know what inspires a worker’s behaviour, it becomes that much easier to understand how to motivate them. When employees feel understood, they are more likely to go the extra mile or offer to take on additional responsibilities. Make sure to be constantly communicating with your workers, as explored above, and encourage them to voice their own input. This results in employees feeling more accountable for their work and wanting to perform at their best as they feel they have a personal stake in the success of the business. 

Plan Ahead

Make sure your calendar is up to date and organised to show exactly what is expected from your employees. It also makes deadlines and timeframes clear for any projects or tasks that need to be completed on time, and allows business to run smoothly. Ensure that targets are understood and timely, making sure that all employees understand the small goals alongside the greater picture of the business. Make these goals visible and up-to-date so all workers are aware and invested in the success of the business. This also creates camaraderie within teams as everyone is working towards the same goals or objectives. The teamwork means that your staff will be adept at working together if any issues or problems crop up unexpectedly.

Encourage Growth

Growth should always be at the forefront of any employer’s mind. You can be sure it’s definitely on your competitor’s. This can look like different things to different companies, depending on your manner of business. For some, it means workforce expansion, training workers to move up the ladder and train new batches of employees. Employers who take the time to invest in their staff’s development recognise the business benefit of having a multi-skilled workforce. For companies, this progression can look like investing in the latest technology to reduce the workload of your employees and redirect their efforts elsewhere in the organisation.

A growth mindset has long been associated with success as companies who stick to the way things are usually done, tend not to survive. A workforce notices when an organisation has stalled and this can knock their confidence in your company. They believe that if you’re not growing, neither will they. Making growth a central focus of your organisation will cultivate engaged employees, who will be more productive and profitable in the long run.

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There are various techniques and strategies that employers can implement in order to raise productivity in their workers. However, it is worth noting that not every option will work for each business or employee. It’s important to figure out what works best for you and your company, and to be testing new methods and ideas to see what leads to a direct increase in efficiency. You’ll soon find that raising productivity isn’t as difficult as you thought.

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